The time we have is in essence our life. The more we are able to plan the time we have efficiently will mean the more time we will have to be able to enjoy our lives. The ability to optimise our time more efficiently is of great importance for happiness in our lives. By managing our time we can minimise our stress level which helps with our mental relaxation and calmness in any given situation. Time is one of the most important things needed in order to accomplish your business and personal goals. We all have busy schedules, and it is a slippery slope to find you running here and there and everywhere.

Here are some tips to help you optimise and organise your time:

  • Have time management tool  – This could be your smartphone, your laptop, or a pen and paper. Using this, note down all your activities, birthdays, appointments and meetings. I would strongly suggest buying a diary planner as these are the most ideal time management tools. I always feel that To use your time effectively, you have to be able to see it in front of you. This then means that with one glance, you will be able to plan your time much better and see if a new task will fit into your schedule.
  • Know what your priorities are – Make sure that you know what needs to be sorted and in what order. Some tasks will be more important them others so make sure they are scheduled first and foremost. Doing the most important things first means that if you do run out of time then it necessary doesn’t matter if the other tasks don’t get done.
  • Don’t waste time – Procrastination and low motivation can be the biggest treats when it comes to time management. Try to stay focused and try not to let any distractions influence what you need to accomplish.
  • Turn off that television! – Watching TV is usually a massive distraction and many people can sit in front of the TV for hours wasting a lot of time without even realising it. Try to avoid turning the TV on at all costs if you’re now there are tasks you need to carry out. TV shows also get repeated but you will never get back that period of your life that was spent sitting in front of the TV. If you do enjoy TV and it is a priority for you, then schedule it into your time.
  • Make time yourself – No matter what the tasks you need to carry out always allocate time that you can use for yourself. There are times during the day that are good to stop and relax or have a meal. By having some time for you means you can refocus and find more energy for the rest of the day. Having a lot of sleep will ultimately help you relax and concentrate more. By having a lot of sleep with mean you are sharper and will be able to finish other tasks in less time and produce a better quality job. If you do start to feel stressed, then take one-day leave. Do something you like doing or just relax. This will help you become more refreshed and ready to manage your time better when you come back.
  • Have a meeting with yourself every week. To see how effectively you’re optimising your time with this new time management regime is to have a look at how successful you have been on a weekly basis. Have a meeting with yourself once a week to review your progress and plan what you need to do the following week. Also, carry out a periodic review of where you stand in relation to your overall long term goals.

So by following some or all of these simple tips will help you successfully implement the right time management campaign for you.