Growing up in both Camden and Sheen in London England, I had a mixture of North and South London influences in my early life. The only negative that came out of this was mixed up common sounding London accent which was a chimera of regions. I sounded like an extra from Oliver Twist. But luckily I trained myself to lose my market banter and refine my English.

After being at school in London I headed off to the bright lights of Brighton to get my degree in Business Studies and learn the life skills of living on my own and budgeting my finances. This is where my obsession and love for the sea first grow, or more accurately living by the sea. The feeling of being able to look out and know there is a world beyond the terra nova I stand on. Looking out to sea always fills me with a sense of adventure and knowledge that there is more to see than the confines of our small English island.

After University I landed a student apprenticeship at Thales in Gatwick, a supplier of training facilities for civil and military pilots. As a Sales and Marketing Executive, I got to travel a lot in my role and spent some time working and living in both Sweden and France as part of my job which opened my mind up to living in different environments.

After some time, my desire to travel and see more of the world started to resound within me so I decided to feed my curiosity and made plans to travel for a bit and broaden my horizons.  I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve from my adventure into the unknown. I wanted sun on my skin, I wanted to swim under a natural waterfall, I wanted to see wild animals in their natural environment, I wanted to see ancient ruins and temples and overall wanted to indulge in new foods, sights, smells, and culture of other fellow humans.

So I packed myself up a backpack, which I named Borealis, and headed to the land of Siam (smiles) or Thailand as it is more commonly known. From my starting base of the unexpectedly ultramodern cityscape of Bangkok, I travelled throughout the eleven countries of Southeast Asia witnessing a wondrous diversity in religion, culture, and history. You can read more about these adventures here – My Travels.

After coming back to England from this life experience of a parallel universe, I settled into a normal working life and my career path naturally lead me into Digital Marketing. As the digital world in front of me now started to dynamically grow from its embryonic state, I too started to evolve my methods of marketing as well. I went from teaching small and medium-sized businesses how to grow their company’s using search engine optimisation to start my own Digital Marketing company called Ocean SEO.

On a personal front, the need to explore and experience new challenges still flowed through my veins. Fuelled by my appetite for new knowledge and experiences and the desire to continue to learn and broaden my horizons, I started a new life project to help me feed these hungers. I started to write, I started to harness my creativity in the form of words onto paper. I discovered that writing allowed me to escape into a world of adventure and fantasy without the need to leave the comfort of my home. If I wasn’t able to travel physically then this was the next best option. Plus it gave me the additional impetus to explore new information and increase my knowledge of the world around me.

It’s clearly apparent from my ramblings that both Digital Marketing and Writing are my passions in life. As well as travelling I also enjoy playing tennis and reading when I can. As I live by the sea I love nothing more than an evening’s scroll alone the seafront and sitting on the beach while the sun sets over the watery horizon.